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These are my two dogs Tucker and Kooper, beautiful English Labradors.  And of course, my husband Scott.  We are lucky enough to live in Wyoming, which is a stunning amazing state.  We recently added a pup named Scout- he’s a Border Collie.  And he is smart and fast.  Good running partner.

After a corporate career with Ford Motor, we moved west.  And if its possible, found our soulmate region.  The amazing endless skies, mountains, rivers, stars at night, and more space to wander than you can imagine.  We hike, downhill ski, camp, snowshoe, cross-country ski, run, do yoga.  Our lifestyle fits where we live amazingly well.  And brings us immense joy.

I have held many positions in restaurants- hostess, dishwasher, waiter, bartender, short order cook, prep cook, line cook, student cook.  Which gave me an appreciation for what it takes to make a fine meal and the creativity to envision a dish.

I believe in using local ingredients.  I know, the farm-to-table mantra is everywhere.  Instead of a catch-phrase, it is eating local, seasonally, featuring the ingredients as the star, and as I say,  Farmed, Fished, Foraged and Ranched.

Bon Appetit!