A mythical creature of dubious intent. Also a feeling of lightness of being-probably due to the fact they embody light are mainly cheerful and mostly with good intent. Also known as fairy, elf, puck, pixie, imp, goblin, disembodied spirit. Since this is a positive evoking tome, let’s go with happy pixies.

I speak of sprites because I made a entree that after eating, still left me feeling light. Satiated but comfortable- to me the perfect level. Full, but not weighted.

So i give you Butternut Squash Puttanesca with Shrimp. Classic flavors, warming from the inside.

Beauty Shot:

Butternut Squash Puttanesca with Shrimp


1 1/2 lbs shrimp. (to me, the bigger the better)

1 28 oz can, Cento peeled San Marzano tomatoes

5 T minced garlic

1 small can of anchovies; somewhere between 8-12 (don’t worry, they dissolve. Or if you can’t stand them, leave out. Add extra capers for additional salt. But it is classic with them in there.)

3 T capers

1/2 cup chopped Kalamata olives

4 T EVOO, divided into two 2 T portions

2 T butter or Ghee

3/4 tsp red pepper flakes (please adjust to your preference. I like a lot of flavor and some spice)

1 2 lb butternut squash spiralized.

Healthy handful of chopped fresh Cilantro

Shaved Parmesan for serving

Salt and pepper to taste.

Putting it Together:

Prep the squash. Cut the bulb end of the squash off. Won’t need it. Save for another purpose. Like roasting and adding to simple arugula salad. with lemon garlic dressing. YUMMY.

Back to the squash- cut the long part into two three inch parts. Peel them. Then spiralize. Use a medium setting, not a large noodle setting. Otherwise, will take about 30 minutes in the sauce to have the noodles reach al dente.

You can have your husband do the hard work- or your partner. While you enjoy a glass of wine..

Once you are done spiralizing, set the noodles aside and make the sauce.

Add the EVOO to medium temperature pan. Add in anchovies and garlic. Stir till the anchovies dissolve, Add in the pepper flakes to the oil. Saute till garlic is sizzling but not browning.

Garlic, San Marzano tomatoes and red pepper flakes. Need smell-o-vision.

Add in the tomatoes and rough chop. Stir well. Add in capers, olives, ghee. Simmer for 10 minutes. Add in squash noodles. Simmer for another 10 minutes.

While the noodles are simmering, heat 2 T EVOO till shimmering. Add in the shrimp and cooked till done turning once.

Make sure the noodles are al dente- having a bite, but tender.

To serve, place desired amount of noodles and sauce into bowl. Add shaved Parmesan to top of noodles. Top with shrimp. Sprinkle chopped Cilantro over top. Devour.

Hope you make it and repeat whenever you want deliciousness.



P.S. No one commented, but Schnee from previous post means “snow” in German.