Prosciutto Scallops with Sautéed Apples

Everyone in my family loves these.  And I mean everybody.  There are never leftovers.  And the sauce dredged dry by good multigrain bread.  And, they are elegant enough to make for a dinner party.  Serve with a decadent green salad of butter lettuce with radishes & sundried tomatoes with a grapeseed oil vinaigrette and your eyes will eat too.

I will always tell you to get the best ingredients you can.  And it is especially true of fish and seafood.  Fresh quality is king.  And it lets your local store/fish monger know what you like.


15 clean, dry, unblemished sage leaves

2 medium golden delicious apples

12 jumbo scallops

6 slices of good prosciutto

2 T unsalted butter

2 T oil

Salt and pepper

Here we go:

Prosciutto Scallops

12 jumbo scallops  ( I typically serve 4-5 per person.  Do the math for a dinner party or family)

6 slices of good Prosciutto   ( get large, thin slices.  Again the quality point)

12 toothpicks

Pat the scallops dry.  If they are not dry, they will not brown properly.  And you want these browned.

Cut each slice of Prosciutto half lengthwise.

Wrap a half of each slice of Prosciutto around each scallop.  Secure with toothpick. Set aside on plate.

Fried Sage

Heat the 2 T each,  of butter and oil in pan.  Medium heat.

Add the sage leaves to the heated oil/butter mixture.  They will sizzle,  When the sizzle stops, flip them over.  Stay near the pan with this- no one wants bitter and burned sage.  When the sizzle stops, remove the leaves to a plate lined with paper towels.  The sage leaves should be crisp.


Add the wrapped scallops to the oil/butter mixture in the hot pan.  This does splatter, so I use a splatter guard while cooking.  Let the scallops brown on one side- about 3 minutes.  Don’t move them around and flip them over.  Let them cook.  When they are browned on bottom side, flip them over and brown other side.  About 2 minutes.

Remove from pan and put in ovenproof dish in oven at 200.  just to keep warm.  Remember to remove the toothpicks here.


Sautéed Apples:

Core and slice apples top to bottom into wedges.

After removing the scallops, add the apples to the pan.

Sauté until softened and caramelized.   About 3-4 minutes.


For best presentation, place the apples on bottom of warmed platter.  Place the scallops on top of the apples.  Drizzle with pan juices.  Add fried sage on top.



Bon Appetit!


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