Sometimes being away from home is a blessing.  And sometimes it’s for unpleasant things as well.  Even when you are far away from home, it gives us the time to reflect, take in new beauty, breathe deep and appreciate the blessings we do have in our lives.

The last time I was away from home, I had the opportunity to eat at a wonderful discovery- Golden Harvest in downtown Lansing.  My sons had been telling me about it so we needed to make the run.  What a find! THIS IS GOOD FOOD!


The food was wonderful, the vibe and staff fun and friendly.  We sat at the bar and laughed with the cooks.  If you are someone who is uptight, driving for a hard deadline for eating lunch/brunch or have zero personality and are demanding- this is not the place for you.  Stay away.  I don’t want someone messing with my zen thank you.


My son had waffles with strawberries and cream.  With a side of bacon and their spicy home fries.   I had the Garden Omelet with avocado and sausage added.  It was served with homemade white bread, ( i did not specify what toast I wanted), and those delicious home fries.  Sorry you didn’t see the whole omelet, but I lost my mind for a moment and dove in.

IMG_5691 (1)

We watched the team make a peanut butter chocolate waffle-if decadence has a name, that is it.  Warm waffle, with chocolate chips. And did I mention the caramelized bananas added? Drizzle of hot peanut butter sauce, plenty of whipped cream and hot chocolate drizzle.  I think Elvis would eat two.  Maybe three.

You have to respect anyone that uses a skull and fork & knife for their logo.  Death by fantastic eating?  Perhaps.  But bring cash.  No CC’s here.  And remember to tip your cooks- the ones that will bring you back again and again.




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